Luxury Glass Fireplace Screen

How to Build Indoor and Glass Fireplace Screen

The backyard fires to allow you to enjoy the warmth of the fire in the comfort of your own garden with the presence of family and friends. Instructions Decide where you want to place the glass fireplace screen. Keep it at least 5 feet (1.5 m) away from your house, porch, trees or any flammable object. Decide the size of your fire and draw this measure on the floor with [...]

Simple Tabletop Fireplace

Tabletop Fireplace for Coffee Table

Today it is increasingly common to find furniture designed to perform more than one function so that we do not get to purchase s0lo save money but space to have a cabinet for two different functions. This is the case of tabletop fireplace; a table that has a built fireplace with which we can enjoy the beauty and warmth of the fire while drinking a cup of coffee, Features a [...]

Glass Tabletop Fire Bowl

How to Make Tabletop Fire Bowl with Flammable Gel

If you are not lucky enough to have a fireplace at home, you can create the same atmosphere with flammable gel bowl for the tabletop fire bowl. Use it on a coffee table or in the yard; a bowl of flammable gel is safe for all surfaces. Instructions Place a ceramic bowl in the middle of a coffee table or a table yard or on a tablecloth. Choose an area [...]

direct vent gas fireplace ideas

Elegant Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Design

Direct vent gas fireplace is something you can trust when it comes to ensuring a fireplace that does not require you can stack wood as fuel and will not stain black fireplace. Direct vent gas fireplace may be ventilation or no ventilation. With vented gas fireplace, gas produced by combustion dumped through chimney. This type of gas fire does not leave an odor. Vent less gas fireplace is suitable for [...]

Traditional fireplace decorating ideas

Fireplace Decorating Ideas Mantel Long Brick

Chimneys should be the focal point of a room, especially if they are made of brick, which is highly desirable and visually stunning. However, because the brick has such a strong impact, it may be difficult to fireplace decorating ideas the mantel over brick, especially if it is long. Seasonal The long shelves brick fireplace decorating ideas offer a great space for seasonal. In winter, places some men interspersed with [...]

Contemporary Above Ground Pool Deck

Ideas for a Luxurious Above Ground Pool Deck

A pool on ground level allows you to enjoy a pool in your backyard without making a large construction project. When a pool of this type is placed in your garden, you can create a luxury above ground pool deck space more beautiful and useful for you and your family. Edge Deck Build a deck that surrounds the pool at this level. This will give you plenty of deck space [...]

build a fire pit picture

Build a Fire Pit

Now that summer is approaching, many people tend to make their celebrations or hang out in the backyards of their homes. So today we bring you a simple way to build a fire pit that can actually be used for any time of year, for example in winter to heat the room and summer ideal for roasting our barbecue. The first thing to consider isto build a fire pit an [...]

Crawford Slim Line Electric Fireplace White

Design White Electric Fireplace

Design white electric fireplace. The electric arose as an easier and cleaner to allow households may have a fireplace so. Gas fireplaces produce heat by connecting through the gas line of the house, while electric fireplaces run on electricity. Electric fireplaces are much easier to install than those that are natural gas. Just connect the device, while the natural gas fireplaces need to be connected to a gas line. White [...]

elegant outdoor fire pit table

Perfect Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Meet with friends or family can be perfect plan to stay at home enjoying lectures, meals and drinks. But if we add time to enjoy outdoors, much better. It is so; outdoor fire pit table is perfect for including becoming center of meeting, giving a warm and original touch to situation product. Thus, weather in summer or when temperatures begin to fall, fire will provide necessary heat for day is [...]

beautiful Carved Wood Panels

Carved Wood Panels Ideas

Carved wood panels - wow, the right choice !! you definitely want to have a themed homes royal Javanese in Indonesia! if you do not believe, you can come directly to Indonesia and witnessed how the interior design Javanese empire in antiquity. Indonesia is identical to carve and batik art. This art is worldwide and is well known throughout the country. moreover carved wood panels from Jepara. delicate carvings and [...]