DIY Faux Fireplace Image

How to Make a Simple Faux Fireplace

Faux fireplace add a touch of realism to the stage, offering cozy details for the functions of children or simply serve as a space for “camping” in the living room of the house. You can complicate the task and make them with wood screws, but the easiest way is to develop them with cardboard. This does not mean that look too childish. Only you should not expose to fire or [...]

big aluminum deck railing

Some Secret Aluminum Deck Railing

Deck Railing Ideas know. Any aluminum deck railing plan is only as good as your creativity and anticipation of the many ways you can use your deck from quiet lounging and book reading to barbeque meals to 3 season use where you may need weather and bug protection. All these “potential uses” should be incorporated into the final design deck railing.   If you are looking for a modern finish [...]

decor  Modern Fireplace Screen ideas

Electric Modern Fireplace Screen

Fireplaces with elongated screen effect like you see in the photo above, or LEDs of different colors or with a mirror-like glass that reflects even more light that mimics the flames. The chimneys are not only electrical appliance, also have an aesthetic function, and are decorative. Advantages modern fireplace screen: modern fireplace screen Easy to install; the you can plug and play. Also you can be fitted in a hole [...]

above ground pool deck ideas photo

Design Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

You can incorporate several ideas to help your cover over the soil mixture pool in your yard and lifestyle. Building above ground pool deck ideas can help your act more as an integrated pool. Create a cover that is round or square, which is essentially a hole in the middle of it that is large enough for the pool to measure.   You can build a staircase up to the [...]

best Deck Planters

Metal Deck Planters

The best part is that these deck planters can originate from family things. Wash and dry each one metal compartments with mellow cleanser and warm water. Flush them. Fill every holder with sand. Add enough water to immerse the sand compartments. Place the holders in the cooler overnight. The sand helps solidified metal compartments hold their shape after. Move compartments from cooler. Draw a line design on the sides of every [...]

wall fountains indoor design

Best Wall Fountains Indoor

Wall fountains indoor and other water structures are a stunning focal point in your room. Building a wall of water with rocks or Plexiglas is a really simple project that you can complete quickly if you have materials needed. Whether you decide to stacked slate stones or rocks to a garden wall, start by selecting space for masterpiece that creates a spectacular view in your house Modern wall fountains indoor [...]

Residential brick fire pit

Ideas for a Campfire with Brick Fire Pit

Building a brick fire pit at ground level means that there is a structure protruding from the sidewalk. It’s just a hole in the concrete around you feel. This can be uncomfortable for some people who find it difficult to sit at ground level. Doing so, however, gives the feeling of lighting a fire in the forest, precisely because it is on the ground. Since this is not going to [...]

good portable fireplace

Uniqueness of Portable Fireplace

Portable fireplace - Fireplace is portable and does not smoke. Vacation to the mountains as in the Peak is exciting but for some people maybe the cold is too cold and one solution is the presence of a fireplace to warm the room. But what if there is no fireplace in the house / villa that? Don’t worry because you can buy a portable fireplace. For those of you who [...]

Blue Pearl Granite  gas fire pit table

How to Clean Gas Fire Pit Table

The gas fire pit table in the kitchen is often dirty with grease and dirt. No reason to leave them dirty because cleaning is a relatively quick fix. With a couple of cleaning and a little sweat, you will leave as new gas fire pit table. Instructions How to clean gas burners Kitchen 1. Turn off the pilot light in the kitchen. Most have a switch it off directly. Some [...]

deck tiles teak

How to Calculate the Necessary Deck Tiles

If you’re replacing the shingles on the roof of your house, you want to know how many deck tiles you need. Instructions 1. Measure each ceiling plane, its length and width. Records action and then multiply these numbers to get the surface of each roof plane in your home. Make sure each measurement surface is covered with deck tiles; no matter how small, does not imagine that you have enough [...]